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Express Handling:

Do you need your cargo to be handled immediately without any hassle? Our Express Handling service provides you with a special arrangement where your cargo can be processed in as less as 90 minutes for uploading onto connecting aircrafts. Our Express Handling service is designed to handle all time sensitive cargo.

Export and Import Consolidation:

We provide regular export consolidation by air and sea to any country from Nepal. We also provide regular import consolidation by Air/Sea for Nepal from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, UK and USA.

Efficient Delivery Service:

We provide door to door delivery service, door to port (Airport delivery) and airport to airport delivery service.

Pick up Service:

Pick up from different supplier and make one shipment and forward it to the desired destination. This service is beneficial for small and medium buyers or suppliers as it saves the delivery cost.

Charter Service:

Every wanted to own an aircraft and use it as you wish? The next best thing could be Starlight Express Aircraft charter service. Our charter service provides special service as per your requirement. We can customize a charter to meet your exact requirement.

Ground Handling Service:

Our ground handling service includes: Physical cargo handling (import, export and transshipment), document handling and build-up and break-down of cargo.

Certified to handle 9 classes of dangerous goods as described under IATA regulations, our centre is able to cater for the handling of such goods from transportation, storage and handling of the necessary documentation.

Dangerous Goods:

Starlight Express has been certified and licensed to handle dangerous goods as described under IATA regulations. We have been certified to handle goods such as explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, toxic and infectious substances etc. for transportation, storage and handling of the necessary documents.


Shipment Handling Process:

i.         Based on the nature of goods we determine the most appropriate packing methods and preparation of household goods for air, sea, and surface shipments, and origin and designation storage we provide professional consultation service free of charge.

ii.       We explore the move for optimal routing, and the most cost effective shipping methods.

iii.      We on behalf of our clients secure the best modes of transportation using carriers with excellent service histories.

iv.     We always ensure that each shipment receives the highest quality of service available anywhere.

v.       Our well-trained staffs provide perfect wrapping, packing, crating, loading etc.

vi.     We provide easy customs clearance service, destination storage, and fast delivery by working with proper documentation needed.

vii.    We provide all necessary information well in advance to both shippers and consignees and help in preparing export/import documentation for proper movement.

viii.  We establish continuous communication in monitoring the shipment's progress to maintain the pre-determined schedule and avoid any unnecessary delays.

ix.     We provide all other relevant services to facilitate import/export to any country from Nepal by giving up-to-date information about any other destination to where shipment is planned.